Thursday, April 29, 2010

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

It is said that Peter Jackson was originally supposed to direct Part 6. It was called The Dream Lover at that time. It would have been alot more interesting than what we get here. This is Jason Goes to Hell level. Taking the mythology and rewriting it. Taking a known concept and character and twisting it. Only reason I can see them doing this is to piss Wes Craven off enough to make a better sequel. In this case, it worked. By now Freddy is a character the kids love. The humor and puns are here in full force.

As if Freddy as a caped villian wasn't bad enough, we now have him dispatch a character by him being sucked into a video game. Freddy dawns a Ninendo power glove and a new level of cheese has been reached.

The whole 3D segment is a gimmick and a bad sendoff to a great villian.

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