Monday, September 20, 2010


Most big time collectors of DVDs have ran into this problem before. Either a film is not released on DVD or it was put out on a bare bones edition.

When it comes to collecting a director's catalog, there will be gaps with some of them. If you wanted to have a complete Richard Linklater Retrospective, you would not be able to because of Suburbia not being released. When learning about a director it's important to start at point A and end at point Z and examine the growth of that director.

If it's on the inferior VHS format there is no reason it should not be on DVD. The format has already changed to Blu Ray and the likeliness of these films being released on DVD are getting slimmer and slimmer. Double dipping DVDs with countless special editions is another factor that is killing library titles. I'm guilty of re-buying DVDs if they add a commentary. If it's a movie I like, of course I'm going to want the definitive version. But that's for a whole other argument altogether.

The Wonder Years
This one is usually found at the top of most "Missing DVDs" lists and for good reason. The one thing keeping it from hitting shelves is securing the music rights to the massive soundtrack of the show. Borrowing over 300 pieces of music for its 115episodes. Music licensing practices have screwed over a good amount of shows and prevented them from hitting shelves or had DVDs released without the soundtrack. The music was essential part to this show.

Fan bootlegs are out there but that just doesn't do it justice. This is the kind of DVD set that demands interviews and featurettes galore.

There's an empty space on my shelf waiting to be filled and I am becoming less patient as time goes on.

The Keep
Director Michael Mann has stated that he is not proud of how this movie came out. As a result, there is a gap in Mann fan's DVD collections.

King of the Hill
Steve Soderbergh's third film. Adrian Brody, Spalding Gray and a young Katherine Heigl star in this Great Depression-era period piece.

Let It Be
The documentary that was intended to show the making of an album and ended up documenting the unraveling of The Beatles. There is no reason this should not have been released already. LaserDiscs go for up to $300 on EBay. Tapes go for up to $200.

The Magnificent Ambersons
Orson Welles' follow up to Citizen Kane. Do I really have to make an argument for this one?!

"Quickie" DVDs put out with little to no care.

Full screen, bare bones DVD. Come on. It's Peter Weir's best film. Do it justice.

Heaven's Gate
It was an ambitious flop. But a commentary by Michael Cimino would be a first day purchase for me.

The Insider
Of all Michael Mann's films, this is one I would like to hear a commentary the most.

Lost Highway
Released in a crummy full screen version only, this terrifying nightmare vision from David Lynch deserves better treatment.

Midnight Run
Great buddy/cop flick from the 80's. Needs a Special Edition

Raising Arizona
Another 80's classic. One of the Coens' best.

Speaking of DVD's in need of an upgrade, Paul Thomas Anderson's last 3 DVDs have all followed the same format. 2 discs, short behind the scenes featurettes, some photos. If I recall, PTA stated that he was just not interested in doing commentaries anymore.

The only way you can get these commentaries is on LaserDisc. Criterion has the rights to all of these commentaries and has not released them which is a damn shame. I am chomping at the bit to listen to that Scorsese Taxi Driver commentary.

The Fisher King (Terry Gilliam commentary)
The Game (David Fincher commentary)
Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese commentary)
Trainspotting (Danny Boyle commentary)


Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair

Get on with it already


2/23- Blow Out will be released by Criterion on April 26.


  1. I actually have a dvd copy of King of the Hill that I got from Amazon UK. It's in widescreen but has no other special features.

    I take it you don't have a region free player?

  2. Nope. I keep putting off getting one.

    I saw King of the Hill while scrolling through your collection (which is quite impressive I might add).