Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Any Colour You Like

This is what happens when you mix in 1 part shoegaze and 1 part 60's psychadelia culled from the inner sanctum of Revolver-era Beatles & Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Lace it all together with an ambient vigor that weaves in and out of the songs. It's a wickedly fun experiment called Secret Colours.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, the band consists of Tommy Evans, Justin Frederick, Margaret Albright, Dylan Olson, and Dave Stach. Together they create a sound that is as feverish as it is intoxicating to listen to. Their eponymous debut hit earlier this year and are currently hiding under the radar. If you need music to sit back and chill out to, the Secret Colours are the perfect prescription.

Their latest song, In the Absence mixes a heavy dose of Eastern tinged influences with their current sound which is pleasing to these ears.

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