Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Music of 2010

2010 was solid music-wise. Not quite as memorable as last year. To be honest, music was for the most part on the back burner for me. Film ended up consuming most of my spare time this year. The number of bands discovered is pretty low. Though I rediscovered a good number of bands such as Cocteau Twins & Secret Chiefs 3. It doesn't look loke I'll be getting back into my music obssession anytime soon. But it still is something I like to check up on.


Agalloch- The Marrow of the Spirit
The first metal album of the decade that can be considered a masterpiece. Agalloch have done no wrong up to this point. With this release they combine the folk of The Mantle with the post rock vibes from Ashes Against the Grain to create their best effort.

Shining- Blackjazz
Black metal + progressive rock + jazz...Blackjazz! No other album released this year that sounds remotely like this one.

Beach House- Teen Dream
Cynics will say it's too warm and sentimental for it's own good. They're wrong of course. Beach House hits just the right note here.

Secret Colours- Secret Colours
A stellar debut from a band whose name should grow in recognition.

The National- High Violet
At times both subtle and bombastic.

Holy Fuck- Latin
The one that moves your hips & makes you shout out the band's name in ecstasy.

Arcade Fire- The Suburbs
While not quite as consistent as Funeral & Neon Bible, their 3rd release shows them incorporating some new styles into their sound. Particularly on Sprawl II.

Black Angels- Phosphene Dream
Good music to listen to while rollin' fast down I-45.

Triptykon- Eparistera Daimones
Menacing rhythm sections. Tribal drums. Yep. This is doom alright.

Dungen- Skit I Allt
Consistency has been a strong point with the last 2 albums of this band.

Soundtrack of the Year: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross- The Social Network

Haven't found enough good music in 2010? These should keep ya busy.

Spacemen 3
The Black Angels
Black Mountain
Beach House
Mazzy Star
Secret Colours (check out my blog post Any Colour You Like for more info)
The National
Holy Fuck

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