Monday, February 21, 2011

5 from 100

5 randomly selected albums from my Top 100. I don't really feel like devoting 6 paragraphs each to these albums so I'll just go with the thoughts off the top of my head.

19. Kevin Gilbert- The Shaming of the True (2000)
The best kept secret in music. It's a felony how unknown this musical artist is. Having died at the young age of 29, he left a body of work that remains a testament to a remarkable artist. Shaming is currently my favorite of his works but the best jumping off point is his work with Toy Matinee.

58. John Coltrane- A Love Supreme (1964)
Jazz reaches its apex here. Danny Glover, you should be honored that Gene Hackman called you Coltrane.

81. Spacemen 3- Perfect Prescription (1987)
A band that created some of the prime psychadelic work of the 80's before breaking up and forming Spiritualized in the 90's.

41. Peter Hammill- Over (1977)
Recorded in 1976 following the breakup of his marriage, and released in 1977 to an unsuspecting public, Over proved to be Hammill's most unusual album to date and likely one of his most unusual of his career. If I've ever heard an album that I can actually say is drenched in sorrow, this is it. Reflecting on themes such as betrayal, resentment, hopelessness, anger, bitterness and flat-out feeling-sorry-for-oneself, the album is a harrowing journey through the storm of emotions that take place when a long-term relationship ends. Hammill is to vocals as Hendrix is to the guitar- wide ranging and soul consuming.

30. Jellyfish- Spilt Milk (1993)
OK. You spent some time in the bar with Hammill's Over. Now go out, sleep it off & get ready to start with a clean slate. What awaits? A power pop extravaganza.

The word derivative gets thrown around almost as haphazardly as dated. This album proves to be neither. The problem with Jellyfish is that they came in at a time when grunge was dominating the music scene. People didn't want to hear Queen/ELO influences power pop harmonies. Fans of the aforementioned bands as well as Beach Boys & The Beatles, you'll find alot to sink your teeth into here.

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