Sunday, November 18, 2012

Top Ten MST3K Episodes

It was hard, but I managed to narrow it down to ten episodes of pure, gut busting hilarity.You may notice only 3 Joel era episodes on here. This is because I was waned on Mike era episodes growing up. So the subjective factor does border on nostalgia. Joel era episodes are good, don't get me wrong.

Here are ten episodes that, if you are new to the series, are essential viewing.

10. Overdrawn At the Memory Bank

Raul Julia stars in one of the highlight of season eight.

9. Time Chasers
"He died as he lived- mud stained and splain."

This one I don't see on many people's lists and it should be. It involves time travel which has been a subject of interest to me. Albeit, executed in a lackluster fashion with an unappealing heroic lead.

8. Pod People

Who can forget Frumpy after this movie? Who wishes they could forget Frumpy after this movie? It's times like these when you wish you could just go to Lacuna Corp and Eternal Sunshine that monstrosity out of your head. But unfortunately, you can't. Instead, you are stuck with what I consider the best entry of the early years. A shameless spin- off of E.T. that fails miserably.

7. Hobgoblins

The immortal cheesefest that is Hobgoblins. A cheap rip off of Gremlins that, like another entry on the list, that insists it wears its's eighties shades. The writing was really peaking during the 7th, 8th and 9th seasons. All it took was a movie like Hobgoblins to just go full throttle riffing on.

"It's the eighties. Do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan."

6. Space Mutiny

Blast Hardcheese. Dirk Hardpeck. And 100 other names of David Ryder.
Space Mutiny remains a classic because of just how poorly conceived the plot was, the atrocious continuity and the awful acting of Reb Brown. Someone who stars as the supposed hero of the film and goes after a woman who looks to be in her late fifties.

Kalgon, blow me away!

5. Soultaker

Joe Estevez, Robert Z'Dar & a pack of clueless teenagers make the perfect recipe for hilarity.

Father Dude.

4. Manos: The Hands of Fate

Thank you, Harold P. Warren for releasing the indescribable movie that is Manos: Hands of Fate. This episode has it all: top notch riffing, great host segments, and countless memorable lines. Who could forget such memorable characters as Torgo?

3. The Final Sacrifice

What more can I say about this one? You really have to wonder why they green light movies like this. The gang at the Satellite of Love provide dead on riffing throughout. The skits in between are well done. I never get tired of watching this one. Rowsdower!

2. Mitchell

Joel Hodgson's last episode also turns out to be his best. I've always been partial to Mike, but Mitchell is proof enough that Joel's run was just as good. Joe Don Baker's negative reaction to the show mocking his detective role makes it all the more funnier. If that wasn't enogh, another Joe Don movie is lambasted in a later entry in the series, Final Justice.

1. Werewolf (Season 9)
Whenever I come across someone who has never seen the show, this is the episode I show them. An absolutely fascinating movie about werewolves, European accents and a man who changes his hairstyle every 10 minutes of the movie.

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