Sunday, November 2, 2014

Films I'd Like to See Added to Criterion Collection

The bi-annual Criterion sale is something every fan of film loves. To us, it's Christmas. To celebrate the upcoming sale on November 15th I thought I would create a list of movies I would want to see in the Criterion Collection the most. This year saw two films I have been wanting to be added to the collection finally get their due: Eraserhead and Todd Hayne's Safe.

Don't see any of your favorite titles? Create your own! I'm not asking in an antagonistic way. I am honestly interested in what other film fans would like to see added to the collection.


The Fisher King (1991- Terry Gilliam)*
previously available on Criterion laserdisc

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976- Nicolas Roeg)*
Already on blu ray but out of print

Wrong Men and Notorious Women: The 39 Steps, The Lady Vanishes, Rebecca, Spellbound, Notorious (1935, 1938, 1940, 1945, 1946- Alfred Hitchcock)
A Must have.


5 Films By Preston Sturges (The Lady Eve, Sullivan's Travels, The Palm Beach Story, Miracle At Morgan's Creek, Unfaithfully Yours) 
Everyone from Tarantino to Linklater to the Coens have bowed at the altar of this genius screenwriter/director. Lady Eve, Unfaithfully Yours & Sullivan's Travels are already on Criterion DVD. I am hoping they roll out the same treatment they gave to Jacques Tati this year.


Don't Look Now (1973- Nicolas Roeg)
Don't Look Now is out of print and struggling to find a home. It's friends Walkabout, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Bad Timing, and Insignificance would like to hang out.

Mulholland Dr. (2001- David Lynch)

The Best of Youth (2003- Marco Tullio Giordana)
An Italian epic masterpiece as grand and operatic as the two Godfather films.

The Day of the Jackal (1973- Fred Zinneman)
Because it may be Zinneman's crowning work as a director.

The Insider (1999- Michael Mann)
The ultimate nighttime movie. A perfect script from Eric Roth. Great performances from Crowe and Pacino.

The Brood (1979- David Cronenberg)
Divorce- Cronenberg style.

The Age of Innocence (1993- Martin Scorsese)
Scorsese and Thelma at their stylistic peaks. Marty having fun with the costume drama. Scorsese's most emotionally brutal picture.

Dead Man (1995- Jim Jarmusch)
A poem to the West penned by William Blake. Flawless casting. Score by Neil Young. Robby Muller's cinematography.

The Black Cat (1934- Edward G. Ullmer)
Karloff. Lugosi. The darkest of the classic Universal horror films.

The Devils (1971- Ken Russell)
An occult film from a good director.

Begotten (1991- E Elias Merghige)
This little artifact...holy shit.

Experiment In Terror (1962- Blake Edwards)
A sultry, haunting score by Henry Mancini. The neglected B-side to Days of Wine In Roses.

Witness For the Prosecution (1957- Billy Wilder)
Marlene Dietrich's wildest performance. Up there with Anatomy of A Murder and 12 Angry Men as a courtroom drama.

In Cold Blood (1967- Richard Brooks)
Capote's vision. Conrad Hall's photography. Coming to terms with mortality.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978- Philip Kaufman)
They get you when you sleep. Michael Chapman's cinematography. Paranoia.

Betty Blue (1986- Jean Jacques Beineix)
The eroticism. The madness. Beatrice Dalle.

Targets (1968- Peter Bogdonavich)
One of Karloff's last performances. Bogdonavich's first good film.

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