Saturday, February 21, 2009

Concert Review: Anathollo w/ Willowfair

Had a blast at the Anathollo show on Friday. The venue was in a church which was the first time I have seen a concert in that type of setting. The opening band was Willowfair which opened up with the theme to The Wire. That was sure to put a grin on my face. Very solid band.

Anathollo are a band I've heard of before but am not as familiar with their work as I apparently should be. They employ several different instruments during their live sets which create a unique atmosphere. The lead singer shared stories of a 'Magical Appalachian Hobo' and a marriage proposal even took place. It was an evening filled with spontaneity. Their latest album Canopy Glow has some very strong songs on it and is getting many spins as of late.


  1. that great you got to see them. I only was lucky enough to catch them live a few years ago. They do pull off all the vocal harmonies and percussion impressively. You should definitely check out their earlier stuff if you dig "Canopy Glow"..namely their other full-length "Floating~World."

  2. I'll be sure to check out Floating World.

  3. Hey there -- thank you for the kind words, that was a very special night and we are so very fortunate to have been a part of it!