Thursday, February 19, 2009

Concert Review: Meshuggah/Cynic/The Faceless

Had an absolute blast on Sunday at the House of Blues. It was my first time seeing a concert at that venue. It was a pretty good setting. When I heard that Meshuggah would be touring with Cynic I NEEDED to get my hands on a ticket. It's one of those lineups that are just too good to pass up.

The Faceless
The opening band was a good mix of Cynic and the heavier sides of Opeth. I've onlyt heard of them through their myspace previously but what I heard at the concert I liked.

The mighty Cynic return after a 15 year hiatus. Their album Traced In Air was my favorite album of 2008 and seeing it performed live was great. The band sounded amazing. They had a very nice balance of material from Traced In Air as well as their debut album Focus. Seein that those were the only two albums they were able to cull material from, the setlist was great as the best was chosen from both albums.

Nunc Fluens
Space For This
Evolutionary Sleeper
Veil of Maya
But I'm A Wave To
Adam's Murmur
Uroboric Forms
How Could I?
King of Those Who Know
Integral Birth

I've heard several stories about the brutality of Meshuggah concerts. Alas, the House of Blues did not allow crowd surfing or anything of that nature. But it still sounded brutal. Some of the songs they performed were Rational Gaze, The Mouth Licking What You've Bled, Combustion, Bleed, Pineal Gland Optics, Sane and Electric Red. The crowd abosolutely went apeshit when they pulled out Future Breed Machine for the encore. It was a great cap off to a great concert.

Overall concert: 9/10

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