Thursday, May 7, 2009

Concert Review: Lamb of God w/ Children of Bodom, As I Lay Dying, Municipal Waste

May 1 was an eventful day for me. I gave a 50-minute presentation for Philosophy of History...something I've been dreading for a while and am now glad it's finally over. After that I went to the Medieval Fair sponsored by History Club. Launching a computer with a trebuchet is just as fun as it sounds. But the highlight of the day for me was a concert I went to with a couple of my friends.

The first band that played was God Forbid. We missed them because we showed up early. Didn't matter for me. Not a fan. Municipal Waste was in the middle of their set when we arrived. Some really nice thrashy metal that I enjoyed. After that, Children of Bodom, one of my favorite Scandinavian metal bands graced the stage. They put on one hell of a show. I was surprised they went on so early into the concert. Expected Needled 24/7 but didn't get it. I did get to hear Living Dead Beat which was nice. Next up was a band I saw before at a Protest the Hero show, As I Lay Dying. Not a big fan of them. There's a limit to the amount of metalcore bands I can stand. Their performance at the concert was solid though. The band that was worth the price of admission alone was Lamb of God. They are known for putting on killer live shows and this was no exception. Their new album Wrath is pretty good although I enjoyed Sacrament more because of its production and consistent brutality. The set had a good selection of songs from Wrath (The Passing, In Your Words, Set to Fail, Contractor, Grace, Dead Seeds, Reclamation)Sacramant (Walk With Me In Hell, Redneck, Blacken the Cursed Sun, ), Ashes of the Wake (Laid to Rest, Now You've Got Something to Die For) and As the Palaces Burn (Putrified). The whole balcony started to shake when they got on stage and it didn't stop until the show was over. A circle pit started below but no wall of death. They're definately one of my favorite metal bands of the decade. The only thing stopping them from me liking them even more is the unwillingness to incorporate new ideas into their sound. If Sacrament was the Vulgar Display of Power, then they still have a Far Beyond Driven in them.

Overall a solid concert.

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