Sunday, May 17, 2009

LOST Season 5 Review

This season has completely blown me away with the amounts of twists and turns it has taken. I admit I was a little hazy about a couple of storylines that were getting far fetched (Locke resurrecting from the dead for one), but the finale completely redeemed everything I was iffy about. This show is easily the best on television right now. The themes of destiny, light vs. dark were explored even further. The finale took on a VERY religous overtone as well. Two major twists happen in the finale which completely change the game and set the stage for the final season next year. The wait is going to be exruciating.

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  1. Nice little review, I am actually doing my own recap/review of the whole season, talking about each episode and such, Still on Jughead, its going to be pretty long, one of my favorite seasons by LOST.