Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A broken flower pot in the form of Nicolas Cage's face is a sneak preview of the frantic and surreal energy this film has to offer.

This is a poster that instantly makes you wanna pick up the DVD...and hey, it's a pretty solid flick. Here we have Ellen Page's character Hayley standing in the middle of a beartrap. It says all you need to know about her character in the film. You think you can screw with her? Well good luck buddy. Your hand is now stuck in that iron clad device.

An iconic image from the film of Jennifer Connelly standing on the pier. There is a calming effect this part of the poster has. The use of blues is the background are complemented by Connelly's red dress in the middle. Above her, the visual of the eye. Showcasing a sense of unease that is hovering amongst the mood of calmness.

Will go down in my ten favorite posters. Here the artist employs a cubism style of art to show a myriad of images that encapsulates Truman's life. It's the first time I saw an artwork done this way and is a poster that is always fun to look for new things.

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