Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yearbooks Vol. 1: The Class of 1976

Today I'd like to acknowledge the fine accomplishments, or lack thereof, from the class of '76. It was the year of the bicentennial. A proud day to be an American. Amidst the crowd were wanderers, dope smokers, freshmen coming into high school, seniors wondering what's left to do with the rest of their life. You get the picture.

Here is a list of the notable seniors who had graduated:

Michelle Burroughs
Michelle hooked up with another senior by the name of Pickford. Her greatest concern is that he will be busted for pot.

Don Dawson
Mr. Dawson's interest in football can be attributed to his idol, Burt Reyndolds in the Longest Yard. Memorable quote: "I want to remember you with clothing on or not at all."

Cynthia Dunn
Her formative years kicked off with early Bob Dylan shows. She adores Amelia Earhart and cites Chinatown as her favorite movie.

Kayeb Faulkner
She is convinced that the Professor from Gilligan's Island is keeping everyone on it for twisted experimentation. Her favorite drink is a Screwdriver.

Randall Floyd
Nicknamed "Pink" Floyd, Randall can be found sometimes listening to his namesakes. When he's not doing that he's rebelling against being trapped in the sports realm for the rest of his life.

Simone Kerr
Seen with Randall Floyd, she is still trying to figure out what he wants so badly.

Jodi Kramer
Biggest regret: Not going steady with Randall Floyd

Darla Marks
Spotted at several places on high school grounds hazing new freshman.

Mike Newhouse
His misanthropic personality is off putting to some. His moneymaking scheme is a Woody Allen lunchbox with scenes from Love and Death. Memorable quote: "I wanna dance."

Fred O' Bannnon
If you are a freshman, stear clear away from O'Bannon. For he weilds a paddle that will make your ass sore for days. Memorable quote: "Ya'll ready to bust some ass?"

Benny O'Donnell
A fan and participator in all the major sports.

Tony Olson
Has developed several rumors about the JFK assassination.

Kevin Pickford
Dedicated to getting high and throwing parties. Big fan of progressive rock.

Ron Slater
Where there's smoke, there's Ron Slater. When he's not making a bong in woodshop class, he's going out and getting high with his friends.

Melvin Spivey
Gets along with the likes of Benny O'Donnell. All around recreational type.

Shavonne Wright
Likes: Mescaline, going to the beach, watching sunsets


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