Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to the Streets: Collateral

With Collateral, Mann took a good pot boiler script and really used it as an experiment for new visual techniques. He's back on the streets. The hynotic use of lights, architecture & geography of Los Angeles. It's all there. Only this time it's more focused. Most of the scenes being shot with the Viper Cam, a camera he would use to shoot his next film. He still has an incredible eye for action set pieces, as evidenced in the nightclub shootout. Collateral also brings up some interesting challenges such as filming conversations in a car while still making them interesting. Mann's influence from Dr. Strangelove is apparent in that the film is basically an entire third act. Moving forward with a certain drive and momentum that is in sharp contrast to the wide canvas he used on Heat. A compressed, focused thriller that never overstays its welcome. A

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