Saturday, April 30, 2011

You know you've seen too many movies when...

- you spell bastard with the 2nd a switched to an e
- you listen to Brian Eno's Ending (An Ascent) when watching a baseball game.
- the waitress finds You're So Cool written on napkins at your table.
- you refer to your busy days as May 11, 1980 kind of days
- "My Awesome Mixtape #6" is the name of your 80's mix CD
- your dreams consist of the lone biker of the apocalypse.
- you constantly stare at radiators. Hoping for a song or two to emit from them.
- 'remember Sammie Jankis' is what you write on the back of family photos
- 'Miss Torso' is the name you give to the girl next door
- you tell people to hold on to their butts when you turn the lights on
- 'the hatch just blew' is an expression you use when something isn't your fault
- you have a fear of dancing henchmen when visiting art galleries

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