Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Public Enemies

Depp. Bale. Spinotti. Mann. These cats were workin' together and workin' on a crime biopic of one John Dillinger. Another film shot on digital, controversially to some. His aesthetic that he brings to the table on Public Enemies is perfect for a TV show. A big reason why I'm anticipating the TV series. Luck even more.

The problem here is the approach. The canvas of Public Enemies just seemed too small to pack everything in. I was left a little underwhelmed walking out. I don't want that from a Mann film. Granted, there were Mann's Greatest Hits all over this film. The action scenes, sound mix, attention to detail, etc. But as a whole, the investment in the story didn't really pay off as well as I hoped it would. There's a real vibe working in Vice. And in Heat. Even in Collateral. I sorely wanted that Mann vibe in here. B

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