Saturday, May 1, 2010

May (2002)

In the realm of indie horror flicks, there are ALOT of stinkers and a few winners. May is one of those winners. Directed by Lucky Kee, May follows the story of a girl named...May who has a lazy eye. She wore a patch for this growing up but became a loner whose only friend was a doll that was given to her for her birthday. She moves to L.A. and winds up working at a vet. She becomes attracted to a filmmaker played by Jeremy Sisto. The relationship begins to sour quickly. May winds up starts blaming her oddball quirks on her doll. She then befriends an alluring lesbian colleague played by Anna Faris, but even that crumbles apart.

The lack of connection May feels throughout the movie is really effective. In essence, it's a character study that plays along the lines of Roman Polanski's Repulsion. In that film we see Catherine Deneuve's descent into madness. Here we see May's descent, but it pushes the lines much further.

Angela Bettis gives an amazing performance as May. We feel her cracking more and more throughout the film and it comes across well. Anna Faris is really fun as her colleague. Jeremy Sisto of Six Feet Under fame turns in a nice performance as well. What's also impressive is that May is Lucky McKee's first film. Here is a director with a big future ahead of him. He has made a couple of episodes for the Masters of Horror series that were pretty interesting entries.

The film is haunting, quirky and downright twisted. It's one of those films that's going to be remembered down the road. For those looking for good indie horror, check out May. You will be quite impressed.

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