Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tetsuo: Iron Man (1989)

Tetsuo is a bizarre fever dream soaked in grotesque imagery. A nightmarish industrial world where man and machine meld into one and metaphors for human sexuality coil themselves around the viewer through the mix of brooding atmoshpere and sped up editing. Shinya Tsukamoto's cyberpunk vision is one that would find itself safely categorized into a nightmare David Cronenberg just woke up from.

The film revolves around the transformation of people into hybrids of flesh and metal. Cronenberg and David Lynch's Eraserhead are two clear influences that pop up when people talk about this film. Other influences include Jan Svankmajer and and the artist H.R. Giger. But it's Tsukamoto ability to take those influences and push them into hyperdrive. The film shows all signs of pure filmmaking talent. Another thing that popped into my head was the band Nine Inch Nails. Particularly their Broken album. I wonder if Trent Reznor was influenced by the nightmarish visions of Tetsuo. Being that he's providing a song for the end credits of Tsukamoto's third entry into the Tetsuo series, I would not be surprised.

Tetsuo is an overwhelming audio visual experience. An industrial nightmare drenched in dark atmosphere that showcases a true artist at work. 9/10

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