Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1: Night of the Demons

Linnea Quigley. In the nude. With makeup all over her face. Not intrigued yet? Well, this movie just may not be for you. This movie had me with its opening titles. 80's music and synthesizers have always been criticized as dated, cheesy and stomach churning. That criticism is pretty much buried here. The opening music encapsulates what is to come- a big ole' bag of fun. The kind of fun you'd have in a haunted house with a bunch of friends.

By all intenstive purposes, this could have easily been written off as another B- horror movie from the 80's. The typical group of 80's kids going to a haunted house for a schlockfest. & it more or less plays on those conventions. Yet there's still something more to it. Even in today's state of horror, you don't get this level of ghoulish glee. A horror film that just doesn't hold back and delivers the goods.

NOTD is one of those movies that they just don't make anymore. It's hard to pull off horror that is fun. That's one of the charms of 80's style horror. The fun factor is sorely missing from the genre these days. I'm all for the scares and terror. But how often do you come across a chilling dance scene from Amelia Kinkade that comes out of nowhere. B -

Did I mention Linnea Quigley?

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