Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5: It

The eater of worlds. King's novel is something I have yet to tackle & given enough time, will. Tommy Lee Wallace has dabbled in this playground before. Sure enough, Halloween: Season of the Witch had children in danger. The strength of the film lie in the dilemma it presents: only children can see Pennywise. & it works in the first half. Wallace takes the formula for Season of the Witch and injects that same sort of dread here. Only this time it's not some Silver Shamrock commercial. It's a razor sharped teeth clown that feeds on fear.

The problem? The second half. Oh that second half. Nostalgia is fun. When it's brought into a horror movie it could sway it good or bad. What's wrong here is with the chemistry and potency of the actors. The kids in the first episode all had their little quirks, or cliches even. Regardless, another high point that diminishes some of the weaker ones is Tim Curry as Pennywise. What I love so much about King's concept is that there really is no concrete thing that is used as 'the scare factor'. Every kid has their own little fear that is manifested upon them. Now how cool is that?

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  1. probably King's most interesting concept, but personally I've never really dug his writing. But if you're a King fan, than you'll dig fo sho.