Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2: Street Trash

You go to Texas Chainsaw Massacre to feel the grimy, sweaty Summer heat. You go to Eraserhead to get enveloped by a dark brooding atmosphere. So what do feel when you pop in Street Trash? Trashy. That's what. The title delivers. The film flies by in its running time. Due to its way of linking five main characters and four plots. I mean seriously, how many movies do you see that contain the plots of:

1) a crooked cop action movie
2) a comedy about hobos
3) a drama about a Vietnam vet
4) and a love story between a homeless man and a junkyard secretary
& to add icing to the cake, throw in a little body horror with melting drunks.

Street Trash offers up a giant plate of offensive humor. We're talking the kind John Waters and Lloyd Kaufman would be jealous of. No apologies. No refunds accepted. It's foul, innapropriate and also happens to be funny as all hell. A cult classic in the tradition of Larry Cohen's The Stuff. So raise a glass of Tenafly Viper & check it out.

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