Friday, October 1, 2010

An excellent day for an exorcism

Watching The Exorcist: The Director's Cut in the theater reminded me of something sorely missing in cinema these days- great horror films. No shitty jump scares. No large crashes of the soundtrack. The scares are genuine. The tension was palpable in the audience I was in. People were cringing, covering their eyes and were geuinely terrified.

Being that the horror movie is one of the most profitable genres of film (thus there being a cornucopia of crappy horror movies), it has become harder to find one that is effective. We had it in 2005 with Rob Zombie's The Devils Rejects.

So I'm asking, what are some of your favorite horror films of the past decade?

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  1. Ôdishon is about the only one that has really stuck with me.