Sunday, October 24, 2010

GREAT POSTER ART 004: Halloween Blow Out!

This one is interesting. A Polish version of the the Rosemary's Baby poster. It's not quite as memorable as the original poster, but it does carry a bizarre vibe to it.

Well, it meets the requirements. So it qualifies. What makes this poster stand out is how, upon closer observation, it's more than meets the eye.

This poster is one of the most recognizable posters out there and for good reason -- effectiveness.

We are entering top 10 territory in terms of posters right here. The expression 'less is more' was never more apt when it came to the Alien marketing campaign. First up you had the trailer. Didn't even show what the Alien looks like. Second, there's the infamous poster. It fits all the requirements. Memorable Font? Check. Does it make you want to see the film? Yes. And of course, there's the tagline 'In space, no one can hear you scream.' I bet it was pretty damn hard to walk by this poster back in '79 and not want to buy a ticket. If anything, alot of horror films could learn something from this film's marketing campaign...& unfortunately, have not.

Oh you're so cool Brewster!

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