Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ongoing Quests: The Little Monsters Soundtrack

Recently, I have been on a quest to find all the songs from Little Monsters. The one song that has eluded me and for the most part, every other Little Monsters fan out there is Billie Hughes' Magic of the Night. The song is a rarity because well, it was NEVER RELEASED. Along with some other songs. Beyond that song, LM has proved to have one of the more memorable collection of songs from the 80's.

Billie Hughes- I Wanna Yell
Nick Lowe- I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

Paladeins- Let's Go
Bobby Day- Little Bitty Pretty One

Talking Heads- Road to Nowhere

The soundtrack that is on Amazon consists of David Newman's (relation to Thomas Newman???) score.

Well after months of searching, the closest I got was a downloadable file on a Little Monsters related forum. The sound is MPEG 3 Audio and it contains most of the tracks. Magic of the Night is there, but with the sound effects from the movie still in. I guess this is the closest I ever will get unless someone finds a way to extrapulate the film sounds from that track. If there's anyone out there looking for it I'll be happy to direct them to this site where I found the file.

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