Friday, October 24, 2014

10/21- 10/24


MISERY (1990)

Kathy Bates gives her best performance as the demented and delusional Annie Wilkes. The number of Stephen King horror adaptations can either be really good (The Shining, Carrie) or embarrassingly bad (Dreamcatcher, The Langoliers). Misery falls somewhere in the area of not his best, but still above average.




When Frankenstein and Dracula were re- released as a double bill by Universal in the late 30's, the company decided to go back to the well with one of its best selling properties. This time, director Rowland V. Lee was tapped to direct and Basil Rathbone was set to star as the son of Dr. Frankenstein. Bela Lugosi starred as Igor and Boris Karloff returned to his most known role as the Frankenstein Monster. The lighting, expressionism and weird camera angles highlight the most ambitious of the Universal monster pictures. I would have liked to have seen more sympathy from Karloff in this performance.  Another problem was  a narrative shift from growth of the monster to revenge mystery.


SQUIRM (1976)

Nature gets revenge is a common theme in the 70's. You had Long Weekend, Slugs, Kingdom of the Spiders, Food of the Gods. Even schlock meister Bruno Mattei took a stab at it with Rats: Nights of Terror. Can't say I'm a fan of this subgenre. Mystery Science Theater 3000 sure loves this movie.


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