Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 13


"Eat shit and live, Bill"

An example where the ending overtakes any discussion of the film.

Everyone at this camp is riddled with attitude. Some overwhelmingly so. Except the shy Angela. A bit disjointed in parts. Some things it does have going for it are the is that it is more aware than the typical 80's slasher flick.



"Much worse."

The 80's had Night of the Creeps. The 90's had The Faculty. Now James Gunn continues the trend with in the oughts with Slither. Having honed his splat cred with Troma, Gunn seemed to be the most confident director to emerge from the Troma team. Michael Rooker rocks it as usual. While the Faculty may be the least interesting of the three films, it still plays with the same concepts and creature- mind control and alien slugs. Slither seems tighter and more energetic. Having an ability for the viewer to grab a dozen varied screenshots from the movie and go "whoa that's in there?! That too?!"

The same amount of fun you see in this movie can be had in his latest film, Guardians of the Galaxy.



Phenomena is the film Dario Argento cites as his favorite. High marks given the man's catalog. It's also one of Jennifer Connelly's first films. Connelly had quite the year in 1985, starring in a horror film by Dario Argento and the Jim Henson picture Labyrinth

The Goblin score pulses through the proceedings as we are bared witness to maggots, flies, deformed characters, and a murder/mystery. It is presented as a macabre fairytale with some illuminating set pieces and precise cinematography by Romano Albani.

The music of Iron Maiden and Motorhead are awesome additions to the mood of the piece. Donald Pleasance even has a meaty role. Seriously, go watch this flick. You won't regret it.


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