Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Kill List

Ben Wheatley's psychological horror film starts with the verbal violence at a table and takes us into actual violence as we see an ex-Marine being sent on a mission to take out three people of varying professions.

Takes a vicious left turn when you expect it to go right and it pays off with a horrific climax.



The Bride of Frankenstein

A classic in every sense of the word. Bride was the first sequel to earn the status of standing toe to toe to the first entry in a horror franchise. Beyond just the historical relevance, the movie is filled with the trappings that make a great film. The score by Franz Waxman. Elsa Lanchester's brief but memorable moments as The Bride. Karloff's sympathetic performance as the Monster. The addition of Ernest Thesinger as Doctor Pretorious. A favorite for sure. A+


The credit says "Directed by Tobe Hooper". But I'm willing to bet that Spielberg had a much larger hand in just being the producer of this film. In hindsight, Spielberg directed two movies in 1982. One was the lovable E.T. The other was the ghastly, relentless Poltergeist.  A-

Ginger Snaps

A film that uniquely binds the bodily functions and hormonal changes of a girl with the changes one goes through once bitten by a wolf. A

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