Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 3


After Rejects, Rob took on material that wasn't his own and shaped it into his own mold. The major things carried over from Rejects is Phil Parmet's gritty 70's era photography and Wayne Toth's grim makeup. Ken Forree, William Forsythe and the always great Brad Dourif seem like Rob just used the them for the hell of it.

The thing about Halloween '07 is that the first half is actually a movie about the beginnings of a psychopath. This makes the second half, which Michael stalks the teens, seem  more jumbled. Myers is a soulless monster. D+


From the obvious similar theme music and the POV shots for the slasher, this one was done as cash in on Carpenter's Halloween. Worth it for a cool Paul Gleeson appearance, an early Tom Hanks role and another early role from James Rebhorn as a professor. Otherwise, forgettable. C-

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