Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 11

EDEN LAKE (2008)

Michael Fassbender is in this?!

Yes, the great Fassbender is in a horror movie. The problem here is that the film's first act, and Michael's character Steve, is riddled with cliches. Yet, the film feels exhausting in its depiction of a vacation gone to hell. It all starts when Steve makes the bad decision to rattle a few kids up. These kids, but more specifically, their leader Brett, are ones who would have no problems with smacking another one around or smashing someone's drawing for the hell of it. It is clear the leader holds a wand of fear over the most of them. Making it all the more tragic as we watch them terrorize a couple on a vacation. Despite the cliches, Eden Lake is a film that made feel uncomfortable. If that is what the makers were setting out to do, mission accomplished.


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