Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 2


A creature feature that works. Fred Ward has been one of my favorite character actors ever since seeing The Right Stuff. He gets some good stuff to play off with Kevin Bacon. The key to the movie is that it doesn't really bog us down in scientific lingo. Instead it offers much welcomed levity.


Jack Clayton already has my admiration for directing The Innocents. Twenty two years after it, he went back to the genre and delivered what I consider a criminally overlooked Halloween film. It's one of the films I always think of when October hits and the autumn leaves are carried by the wind.

The 80's were a decade where the children's movie offered conflict in terror. That is no more evident than in this really good Ray Bradbury adaptation with a menacing portrayal of evil by Jonathan Pryce in the form of Mr. Dark.


A unique genre film that blends elements of drama, thriller, supernatural horror and documentary.

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